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Global Germany Group GmbH, an affiliate of Global RCG, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany is an independent investment firm that specializes in cross-border mobility solutions and investment opportunities for its corporate and consumer clients.

As architects of the world’s first tech-enabled alternate residency and citizenship asset platform, the company provides inbound and outbound investment migration services for a wide array of use cases.

Our key markets are the U.S., India and our home market of Germany.

“Why should our place of birth or nationality determine where we can live, travel, work and invest? Here at GGG, we understand the needs and frustrations that qualified individuals are facing.

We empower individuals, employers and employees with unique solutions to their global mobility problems and help them tap into the European and U.S. markets.”


Tate Worswick

Managing Director,
Business Development
Cologne, Germany

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