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Consumer Solutions

Inbound Migration

Residency solutions
to our home market of Germany

Residency solutions for access
to the U.S. and the rest of the world

Key Benefits of Alternate
Residency and Citizenship Assets

to travel

  • Enjoy permanent access to the most liveable cities in the world
  • Enjoy travel privileges to the most desirable international destinations, for business or for pleasure

Hedge single-country residency risk

  • Protect & preserve your hard-earned wealth
  • Ensure a reliable “escape hatch” is always in place, including a robust plan to provide your family with continuous access to high-quality health care, in the event of social unrest.

the playing field

  • Re-establish control over international business expansion plans without executive travel plans being at the mercy of foreign government decisions.

Work from anywhere in the world

  • Work from anywhere in the world rather than limit yourself to merely working only from home.