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Enterprise Solutions

The cost in replacing highly-skilled workers who depart the U.S. due to immigration reasons is high

Access to the best foreign-born talent pools is limited for U.S. companies due to an outdated immigration system

There’s a solution!

Global Germany Group helps growth focused U.S. companies tap into innovative solutions
to attract and retain top talent facing the hurdles of U.S. immigration.

How Global Germany Group helps:

Company Setup

Global Germany Group sets up a company (GmbH) for the employer in Germany

German Residency

Global Germany Group takes care of all the immigration formalities for the employee and delivers a German residence permit


Employee can now be transferred to Germany legally and continue working for the Company. Employee may choose to transfer or remain in German and receive permanent residency.

For Employees

Want to work for your U.S. dream company?

Are you already in the U.S. but your immigration status is expiring?

Would you consider living and working in Germany, the largest market in the EU?

For Companies

Cannot or won’t consider hiring foreign-born talent from top U.S. universities due to visa constraints?

Risk of losing talent based in the U.S. due to not getting the lottery or long green card waiting times?

Hoping to enter the E.U. market or set up a satellite office in Germany?

Problems We Solve

H-1B/OPT Relocation

Have employees in the U.S. whose employment authorizations at risk (i.e. OPT/H-1B expiring or not selected in the lottery)? Our corporate solutions allow you to retain your high value employees by relocating them temporarily or permanently in Germany.

Attract Foreign Talent

Through our corporate solutions, companies can hire bright talent from key markets (e.g. India, China etc.) by sponsoring their German residency.


Have a high-potential employee (HIPO) in the U.S. whose work visa is at risk (i.e. OPT expiring or H-1B rejected)? We can help you retain this talent by relocate your employees to work remotely from Germany while they wait for their U.S. immigration status.

Use Case #1

Indian-born software engineers are hired by a U.S. tech company and relocated from India to Germany. Employees then can remain in Germany and become permanent residents or transfer on L1 visa to the U.S. after a year.

Use Case #2

Recently hired foreign-born college graduate is not selected in the H1B lottery. When OPT expires, employee is transferred to Germany where they can remain working for the company or reapply for the lottery each year thereafter.